We are super excited to see our study together with Katharina Lahl’s group on Bcl6 in dendritic cells now published in Nature Communications đŸ”Ź 😀

Genomic deletion of Bcl6 differentially affects conventional dendritic cell subsets and compromises Tfh/Tfr/Th17 cell responses
Xiao H#, Ulmert I#, Bach L, Huber J, Narasimhan H, Kurochkin I, Chang Y, Holst S, Mörbe U, Zhang L, Schlitzer A, Pereira F, Schraml BU, Baumjohann D*, Lahl K*
Nature Communications (2024) doi: 10.1038/s41467-024-46966-6. #Contributed equally *Shared corresponding authors

Deletion of Bcl6 in DCs leads to loss of Notch2-dependent cDC2s.

The function of Bcl6 in DCs overlaps with the known function of Bcl6 in T cells and B cells to complement a gene expression program that acts synergistically across different immune cell types to promote potent antibody responses.

These data further indicate that the cell fate of responding CD4+ T cells is already “imprinted” in the transcriptional wiring of the DCs.

Many thanks to all team members and our fantastic collaborators, foremost Katharina Lahl (formerly in Denmark and now in Calgary), as well as Barbara Schraml (Biomedical Center LMU Munich) and Andreas Schlitzer (LIMES Institute Bonn and Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation2)