March 2023 – New paper in Science Immunology!

We are thrilled to see our tour-de-force on the role of TGF-β and c-Maf in Tfh/Th17 cell differentiation now published in Science Immunology (freely accessible through our list of Publications): TGF-β specifies TFH versus TH17 cell fates in murine CD4+ T cells through c-MafChang Y#, Bach L#, Hasiuk M, Wen L, Elmzzahi T, Tsui C, […]

February 2024 – Best talk award

With two talks (Teresa and Luisa) and three posters, the Baumjohann Lab was well-represented at this year’s Life Science Network Bonn (Bonner Forum Biomedizin, BFB) meeting in Hennef. And congratulations to Luisa – she won the best talk award!

February 2024 – Carnival

For this year’s carnival celebration, members of the Kato, Jung, and Baumjohann labs dressed up as bees.

November 2023 – Cluster Science Days

Each November, scientists of our Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation meet to discuss their latest reseach. This year we had over 300 in-person attendants in the BMZ I lecture hall and our lab was well-represented by one short talk given by Luisa and 5 poster presentations!

June 2023 – New PhD and MD student grants

Teresa received a mini-grant from the Bonner Forum Biomedizin (BFB) program for PhD students supporting innovative ideas. She will collaborate with Marc Hübner at the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology on the role of Tfh cells and GCs in murine filarial infections. Anna received a BONFOR SciMed MD fellowship to work full-time on […]

May 2023 – New DAAD RISE Germany research intern from Canada

The Baumjohann Lab is happy to host Eric Chiu, a DAAD RISE Germany research intern from the University of Toronto, for the next three months. During his stay he will dive into the fascinating world of T helper cells with an interesting hands-on research project under Luisa’s guidance.