May 2023 – New DAAD RISE Germany research intern from Canada

The Baumjohann Lab is happy to host Eric Chiu, a DAAD RISE Germany research intern from the University of Toronto, for the next three months. During his stay he will dive into the fascinating world of T helper cells with an interesting hands-on research project under Luisa’s guidance.

April 2023 – Day of Immunology

Each year, April 29th is the Day of Immunology, which aims to promote the benefits of immunology research throughout the world. This year, Dirk gave a talk about antibodies at an outreach event of ImmunoSensation2 at the Bonn City Library.  

March 2023 – New journal cover

The cover of the newest issue of Trends in Cancer features our recent review article on the three different types of T follicular helper cell function in cancer (good, bad or ugly) depending on the cancer context. Ella Marushchenko turned Nicolás’ initial draft into real artwork!

February 2023 – Carnival

Leaving behind the inevitable delays of the past couple of years, we very much enjoyed the lab’s first carnival season in the Rhineland, including Wieverfastelovend (Weiberfastnacht) and Karnevalszoch (Karnevalsumzug)!

January 2023 – New review article in Trends in Cancer

Our new review article on T follicular helper cells in cancer was published open access in Trends in Cancer! This work was spearheaded by Nicolás and provides a comprehensive overview of Tfh cells in different tumor entities: Nicolás Gutiérrez-Melo, Dirk Baumjohann. T follicular helper cells in cancer. Trends in Cancer. 2023. Abstract: T follicular helper (Tfh) cells provide […]

December 2022 – Christmas Market

After two years Corona break, we finally managed to visit the Christmas Market in the old town of Bonn, enjoying  delicious food and red and white mulled wine.

November 2022 – Research stay in Australia

Luisa is spending a couple of months in the lab of Axel Kallies at the Doherty Institute of the University of Melbourne, Australia. During her stay she is performing experiments as part of our collaborative research project and enjoying life Down Under. 

November 2022 – Cluster Science Days

Every November, the Cluster of Excellence ImmunoSensation organizes the Cluster Science Days. This year, we are happy that Yinshui‘s abstract was chosen for a short talk!

October 2022 – Lab retreat

This year we teamed up with members of the Kato and Jung labs to visit Ahrweiler, which is just a short train ride away from Bonn. We enjoyed hiking through the vineyards and having lunch in the old town. We finished the day with a visit to a winery, including a tour and tasting of […]